I find an odd comfort in groupings of three, five, and seven.  Not so far from even to be uncomfortable but slightly more than is expected.

I love stones.

Petrographs, headstones, Stonehenge, Easter Island’s moai, the cursed Hope Diamond, Runes - stones capture my imagination. 

The paradox of Nature being random and instable yet balanced and steadfast is my inspiration.  Each quality is declared through the landscapes of colors, forms, and intensities of her stones.  Worry stones, birth stones, Charka stones - stones are believed to have spiritual and healing properties.  Stones are believed to reveal the mysteries of Nature.  

I love horses.

My buddy and keeper of secrets and dreams from age eight through college was my horse.  He taught me to be daring; to get back up when I fell; to trust a partner; to run for the joy of running; and how to be a real cowgirl.

I love making jewelry.

In keeping with our 110,000-year tradition of drilled shell beads for body decoration to amulets to status symbols, I work with natural stones and precious metals.

Merry Adams

Stone Horse Jewelry