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Dad made a wooden bowl I keep full of stones I have collected over the years. I love to go through them, picking each one up to feel it’s weight and texture.  The colors amaze me.  Some are translucent, others solid but with designs.  How can a rock be so different from another rock?


Growing up we had horses.  We were kids but we could saddle up and ride like we were real cowboys. My Mother named our first pony Joker, and he was a trickster.  Joker became mine, instead of ours, as our parents got more horses.  Joker was my best friend and my confidant. So many wonderful childhood memories involve our family adventures with horses.


When I retired, I needed to fill my days with something “creative.”  I have played with many art forms over the years, including stained glass, weaving, painting, leather craft and others.  I quilted for several years and still dabble.  The big surprise came when I started working with stones - I found my passion.


My adventure with stones started over a decade ago.  A friend brought a set of Anglican prayer beads to church.  I realized I could make that!  I made Anglican Prayer Beads, Rosaries, and jewelry by wire wrapping stones. Now I solder with a torch. Stone Horse Jewelry has changed direction as often as I have challenged myself to learn new skills and do more.   


Thank you for looking at my work. 


Merry Adams

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